hello..on the SD card from gt31, there are .spd .gpx .NMEA  ... files...
how can we automatic upload session with a mac ?   :-)
on the website, it s written that we have to click on the arrow   (?)

i m probably blind!
thanks for your guidance
Hi Bernard,

Upload procedure is the same as on a PC, first you have to use an application to read the data from the SD card, the software will upload your session to the website. I use GPS Action Replay on my Mac, but there is also a Mac version of GPSResults. - Link to GPS Action Replay - Link to GPS Results (Mac version)

Good luck !

... and if we manually do uploade a session, witch file do we have to upload for the trax?
... and witch software calculate the 2 sec max speed?

sorry for so hi level questions... :-)
thanks  i'll do my best! :-)
gps results will do it all for you.

SBN is the file you need to use