In 2016 Locosys introduced the GW-60, a high frequency GPS Unit that supports Doppler Speed & Doppler Speed Error (SDOP). 

GW-60 is a GPS instrument optimized to measure speed using GPS-Doppler effect, designed specifically with GPS Speedsurfing in mind.


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GW-60 is a solid highly-refined and wearable GPS for water sports, it is the natural heir to the LOCOSYS’ Surfing GPS series (GT-11, GT-31 and GW-52). It can be defined like a multi-sports activity watch, but the abaility to record data in DOPPLER format makes it unique in the world. This is the crucial factor that differentiate the use of this GPS for speedsurfing and that’s: “verifiability” . This all results in a very high level of measurement of GPS data and a world wide competition of windsurfers & kiters, the technique that's used is based on "Doppler" 

  • Top 10 speed smart record
  • Intelligent session speed report
  • 10-seconds average speed display
  • Multi-functional push button operation
  • High sensitivity GPS performance
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Time mode (Alarm, Timer, Stopwatch)
  • Google Earth KML/GPX format support
  • Built in flash memory to store 1,000,000 GPS logged points
  • Waterproof 50 m/ 5 ATM
  • Size               49(Φ) * 14.5 (H) mm
    Weight           57 g
    Display          LCM 128X128 FSTN Black/White
    MCU              STM32 Cortex®-M3
    GPS               LOCOSYS GPS
    BLE                Optional
    Battery type   Rechargeable lithium-ion battery 250 mAh
  • Waterproof     50 m/ 5 ATM
  • M e m o r y    Flash memory for 1,000,000 GPS points
    Language       English
    Connection     USB charging clip
  • Clock             Auto Sync with GPS Time
  • Alarm            Buzzer and Vibration
  • Speed            Data logging rate: 1Hz, 5Hz, or "smart" rate

Log record includes: UTC time, position, altitude, Doppler Speed over ground, Doppler vertical speed, satellites used, Standard Deviation of Speed (SDOS) Speed sample resolution: 1 cm/s

SDOS resolution: 1 cm/s

Measured speed range 0-1000 km/h
Typical accuracy of 10s average speed measurement:
~3 cm/s, 99.7% certainty
Accuracy of specific measurement can be determined from SDOS of speed samples used to compute average speed.

Mac Support

The default”USB CLASS/connection setting is "COM" mode (USB virtual COM port connection for utility software) But it can be switched  to Mass-Storage-Class (MSC) mode via the GW60 settings menu at any time. Use the Mass-Storage-Class (MSC) mode for access from non-windows devices (for example Mac OSX), change it to this mode in the settings-menu at the watch before connecting it by USB, after that the downloads of session-data can be done via the Mass-Storage-Class (MSC) mode. Make sure that you upgrade the firmware to the latest version (minimum V1.0G1206A) to fully enable this feature !

Downloads for the GW-60 (all from Locosys)

Here you find some additional files (manuals, drivers and utils) for the GW-60. The firmware update utility, and the settings and download utility to use in COM mode are still Windows only. For the settings and download, this is not an issue for Mac users as the settings can all be done in the watch and the downloads can be done via the Mass-Storage-Class (MSC) mode. 

Latest firmware

The latest firmware can be found here. Locosys has justed released a new Firmware version for the GW-60, as mentioned before this firmware will upgrade your GW-60 to a fully featured GPS device for speedsurfing. Included are several new result screens, including @500, 100m, 250m , 500m and many more ! This new version will be online in a few days time, The following Dropbox has the firmware pack. The pack includes:
- New firmware file, use the existing GW60 updater to upload onto your watch
- Release note which details the history of changes to the firmware during testing
- Watch set-up config instructions for the new features
- Installer for the new Utility for Log file downloading and watch configuration. Note this only works with Window's PCs

Problems with updating firmware ?

We have reveived some feedback from both Windows & Mac users who have experienced some troubles with upgrading the firmware. During the initial stage of the update the Wach occasanily? freezes, the back-light stays on and the watch doesn't seem to respond anymore. Based on the info we have this situation occurs on Mac running with virtual-machines (Virtualbox of VMWare) and some Windows machines. We recommend not to perform the upgrade of the firmware on virtual machines. For Windows machines, make sure that it run so 'clean' as possible, so remove/disable any other software components related to serial communications (like software for Suunto, TomTom, etc etc). When this situations occurs the best is to let the battery run down, this can take several hours (up to 10-12 hours), after this the Watch is working normal again, and the firmware procedure must be initiated again.