COROS and have been working together to develop a tailor made workout mode that enable instant feedback on the water for all our major categories. The current release of this native speedsurfing mode is the first public version available for all COROS APEX PRO & VERTIX owners, and will bring a very high level of accuracy combined with a rock-solid hardware design, amazing battery life and a convenient easy-to-use user interface including auto-uploading to our platform (*).  In the next months we will continue to collect data and improve the speed algorithms together with COROS. Based on the progress we have made in the last months, supported by hundreds of test miles on the water, we are convinced this combination will lead to a future proof, trustable, accurate & verifiability solution that we want for our platform. 

Both the COROS APEX PRO en VERTIX are the first multi-sport watches suitable to support a native speedsurfing-mode , a large number of (extreme) outdoor/indoor activities and add additional functionality like HR and blood oxygen monitoring. COROS is a high performance sports technology company with a focus on outdoors and extreme sports. Combining high grade hardware and the latest innovative technology it’s providing athletes the gear they can rely on in the world’s most extreme environments. At GP3S we are extremely happy about this cooperation, the first time ever an industry leading manufacturer stepped into the world of speedsurfing and joined forces with our community !

In the next weeks we will share updates about our progress, we will give additional background information about the devices, software  and the way the GPS data is collected , processed & verified by our platform. As mentioned above we are actually in the middle of the development proces together with Coros, and based on the collected and verified data of the last months we are very confident it will reach our standards.


The Coros is a very easy to use device and you don’t need any technical skills. With the Coros we aim for ease of use and to make speedsurfing more accessible. When you use a Coros device  your session will automatically be uploaded and posted on GP3S websites. So, if you go for ease of use, multi-sports, long battery life and high-quality design the Coros is the ideal device. 

How does the COROS GPS work ?

  • The basic process is that a GPS device takes measurements, makes calculations and logs data, a filter application cleans the data (like GPS-Results and GPSAR Pro) and the filtered results are posted on GP3S websites. Some devices, like the gw-60, produce additional output error data which enables the filter application to verify the data and filter out untrustworthy data. Other devices like the Garmin and Suunto devices output only positional data without this error data, which makes it harder to verify the accuracy. The Coros device outputs Raw data with error information which is filtered (processed) in the Coros backend. The processed data is sent to GP3S websites and once again filtered by GPS-Results and published on the website.
  • Last but not least, the current methodology was introduced in the speedsurfing world more than 13 years ago. Meanwhile GPS chips and software technology have improved with significant steps. In 2008 it was normal to have 6 satellites in sight, and nowadays we have more than 12 satellites. We have more ways to validate the accuracy level or combine multiple sensors together to validate data. 

Does the Coros GPS Watch use Doppler?

  • Yes, like almost any other GPS device in the world the Coros uses Doppler. However, for the validation of data this is not enough. For example, devices with u-blox chips produce additional output error data which can be used to verify the data. The Coros does not yet output this data to the end-user, but at this moment GP3S has full access to the raw data for full validation when a session is flagged. We are working with Coros to receive the error data in open format and make this available for every individual rider. This functionality is expected to be released in the Q2 - 2021 firmware. 

Will sessions posted with the Coros device have the ‘green’  Doppler icon ?

  • Although we already have full access to the raw data in the Coros Cloud, we have decided that sessions currently posted with the Coros Apex Pro & Vertix devices still have the yellow doppler icon. After the release of the new firmware (Q2 - 2021) we aim that every session posted with the Coros Apex Pro of Vertix will have the green doppler icon from that moment on.  With this firmware every individual rider can analyze and validate the individual track-data with the standard software tools like GPS Results or GPS Action Replay.  This procedure is transparent and identical to the previous approval procedures we have followed for other GPS devices. 

Will this be the only approved device for ?

  • No, as mentioned before, we will fully continue to support all approved devices that are currently used at GP3S websites, and we encourage other manufactures to make new devices suitable for our platform. There is no need to buy a new devices when you have a good working device !

Can i check the results of the data with local analytics software like GPS-Results or GPS Action Replay

  • Yes, with the planned release of the adjusted firmware you can verify your track with GPS-Results or GPS Action Replay. The developers of both software products are involved in the development and testing process. Please make sure you use the latest version so the tracks produced with the new firmware can be processed correctly. 

The Coros GPS Watches use a Sony GPS Chipset, does this mean we can use any device with this chipset ? 

  • No, we work in close cooperation with Coros to build a dedicated firmware for the Sony chip and track processing system. This firmware is not available for non Coros devices, so these other devices will not use the algorithms we need and do not provide the additional data fields we use for validation. 

 Will GPS watches from Suunto & Garmin have the same classification as the Coros devices ?

  • No, we work in close cooperation with Coros to build the dedicaded firmware for the Sony chip and track processing system. This firmware is not available for non Coros devices, so these other devices will not use the algorithms we need and do not provide the additional data fields we use for validation. 

 How can I synchronize tracks from the Coros App directly to ?

  • Please setup the Coros devices following the standard procedure provide by the manufacturer.  After you have successfully signed up for the Coros platform you can connect this to GP3S, this is a one- time only setup procedure, when successfully connected every session recorded in WINDSURFING or SPEEDSURFING mode from your Coros will be pushed to GP3S. After that you can add gear, equipment, sessions details, etc with the normal posting procedure at GP3S.  To connect, please use this link ->  , or chose from “My Dashboard, My Coros” and proceed. 

Can I do a manual upload from my Coros watch to ?

  • When you chose not to connect the platforms you have to manually upload the session, please export your track to .GPX or .FIT and follow the standard upload procedure as described at . Please notice that the current export feature does not support the additional datafields yet, the current exports features are standard out of the box and still under construction. For the best and most accurate results we advise you to use the automated synchronization procedure as described above. 

Are there any specific settings / install needed before using the Coros  ?

  • After installing the Coros Watch by the standard procedure from Coros all features are installed by default, you can choose WINDSURFING or SPEEDSURFING as workout mode. In general it's good to use the GPS/QZSS setting (can be changed SYSTEM, MORE SETTINGS, MODE...)

Both the COROS APEX PRO (-> and the COROS VERTIX (-> are available at our webshop, Premium Membership for one year is included.