I have jpeg, tif, whatever in pictures but do not know how to create a GIF, how is this done ? I have googled this but come up with animated cartoon making and stuff?
Hi Kevin,

Many half decent graphics / photo editing packages allow the saving of the image as a file. (graphics interchange format)

You should be able to open up the jpeg and "save as" a gif image for uploading into your profile for you avatar.

note the required dimensions 120 pixels wide by 130 high, generates a small but intantly visible image on the site.

If you have a problem saving as a gif image, I'll do it  for you, no probs.

Any body else need help ... the same applies

oph at hotmail dot co dot uk

The word "gif" has disappeared  ... should read ...

"allow the saving of the image as a gif"
If you are using Windows you can load your picture into Microsoft's "Paint" (under Start Menu / Accessories) and re-save it as a GIF.
Thanks Michael for your suport, i load a picture down to my profile. But.... how can i prepare a slide show of a few pictures ? (see the profile of Peter de Wit) ??
Hey Rik,

At a guess you'll need to use something like this :
If I save a pic from JPEG to GIF the quality of the pic become very bad .
As I see a lot of sharp ones on GP3S  I must do something wrong.

Any-one has a clue how to prevent this.

I've just tryed this free online converter !
It's works great without any quality loss.
@ Chris,

Thanks ! 
This is working fine.