i have the foretrex201 i have done all the setups and i dont know how to start it when i want it to start running .

I reset all speeds and then i run. unfortunately when i go to upload on the g7towin or gps results it shows the foloowing message

no valid trackpoints found

on the gps screen it shows my max speed, my time, my distance, etc all the info of my run.

Can anyone help pls?Has anyone experienced the same problem?

thank u in advance
Hi Anastasios

On your gps, click on tracks, then click on track set up. Make sure it says "recording on" not "recording off" 

Also, you need to delete previous waypoints, tracks and routes before each session.

Hope this works for you:)
Dear Mark....
Thank you very much,,,, You were very right it was off.... I hope ll work now lol...