Can someone take the time to assist me in getting my GT-31 to display 100, 500, 1 mile etc runs. At this time I only have Mx, 2 sec, 10 sec max and avg. Thx  
Hello Kevin,

The GT31 will not display 100 meter, 500, or 1 mile runs. It will display many other parameters.

The GPS Software (either GPS Results or GPS Action Replay Pro will do these calculations. 

Please let me know if I may be of assistance.

Thank you,

Craig Bergh

Worthington Minnesota
thx Graig, I have downloaded the Replay version and have opened it up. Now I have a little more reading and work to do with it. I don't understand how the 31 will still get these readings though, need to still do some reading, might be a week or two before I get it going. thx again Kevin 
Kevin the software analyses the trackpoints and calculates  the speed for 500m or mile etc...
there is a way to get an approximate reading  for these distances while on the water with the gt 31...
remember this is approx only  and will only work when you hit the speed you have preset!

I will use this setting if I am chasing a 500m run or a  session where I want to hit a good mile time!

normally under speed genie the (speed average time) setting is set to 10 second!   so  after  a run the speed genie will flash up with your peak speed and then your  10 second average speed.....

I use two gps units and keep one on the standard setting ....with  the second unit I go into the settings menu on the navi  and scroll through to the  'speed average time' ....    If I set this time at say 23 seconds ...  that is how long it should take to  sail  500m  at 40 knots....  just beware tho that if you say  get a 23 second reading of  35 knots ...  this will not be your  500m speed... it will actually be slower....  if it reads say 42 knots for 23 seconds then you will more than likely  have a faster 500 speed when you analyse the track... as it wont take 23 seconds to cover the 500m
If I am wanting to run some mile runs  the   'speed average time' setting will only go up to 60 seconds...  at 30 knots it will take you 120 seconds to cover the mile  so this will only give you an approximate of how fast you traveled for at least half the distance......
Maybe in future software up dates they could extend the ' speed average time' setting to record at least up to  120 seconds  for those of us who use it....
Hope this is helpful
Well that appears the way to do it, buy another 31., Otherwise I will have to reset the unit to 30 seconds go do a 500 run etc, then change it again for a mile, then back etc etc. Are most sailors using two or three GPS units ?

This ___ is getting expensive man, always running me broke, even with my old, used junk equipment, lol. I will have to read up on this download see if that will help out any or if there are other ways? For now I will keep doing what I am doing until I get it figured out.

Thx for the Help!