Hey guys,
I'm looking for a GPS that is waterproof because I really don't want have a aquapack, so my attention was grabbed by Garmin. The 201 is now really old but the 301 looks pretty nice and I asked myself if somebody got experience to share AND if its permitted here on!

Thanks alot for the information!
Every (well almost every) GPS does *not* have sufficient waterproofing, as they are only rated to IPX7...

1m under water, might be sufficient, but it isn't good enough to handle the stress of impact with water.
Yes I know. IPX7 is of course not perfect... But I've read it does its job normally pretty good, or at least good enough.

The question was more about the device itself!
You'll go faster with the Garmin ;-) 
If your serious about speedsailing then there's only two options  - GT 31 and GT 31. 

PS - Ditto what Mathew said.  Regardless of how waterproof the manufacturers claim their device is, don't expect your GPS to last long hitting the water at 50+km without it being in a waterproof pouch of some sort.
Is the Foretrex 301 (not 201) allowed here on the website? I can't find it in the list, only the 201...

Brian, who says that I crash on 50 km/h ;-) Haha... Just kidding!
Hi Maik,

The Foretrex is a trackpoint only device. It processes Doppler speeds for the display but it does not record this data for proper software calculations. Trackpoints are notoriously inaccurate and unreliable and the recorded information does not give extra info for double checking the accuracy like the GT-31 does. The foretrex is not allowed for records or posting in the top rankings. If you are just sailing for a bit of fun and not challenging the top rankings it we still allow the older Garmin Geko and Foretrex 201. If you are buying a new GPS for speed sailing there is currently really only one choice: GT-31
Besides recording all the high quality information required for GPS records and top rankings, it has the speed Genie display that shows you your peak speeds and 10 second speed (if set to this) at the end of each run. It also can be set to cycle the display through the above information and you best max speed and best max 10 sec run. The GT-31 really is the best GPS device for speed sailing.
Hello Andrew,
thank you so much for this information. I dont think, that I really want to set up records or climb in any ranking here. The GPS is more or less for fun for me at my Homespot Dahab (Egypt) and should be comfortable and something like +/- 2-3 km/h precise, I dont have really professional requirements!

Do you think thats okay for me? What do you think about Foretrex 301 instead of 201?

Thanks alot! :-)
Pictures of the Forerunner 301 on the web show it is in the same housing as the Foretrex 201.
The foretrex 201 is NOT WATERPFROOF enough for windsurfing!
If you are looking at getting it for this reason forget it. Be assured that when we fist started using the 201 we took Garmins word that it was waterproof and we killed a whole heap of them in short order. We found that it must be protected in a water resistant cover of some kind otherwise it's not going to last. You may get a few months or a week before it get water in it and dies, but it will happen.

Get a GT-31 and a Paqua.

Then I guess its definitly the GT-31. Thats an australian website, I dont know if I can order there from Germany / or we have this brand in our country - but Ill check! Actually im just looking for a very small bag for my arm, not like the huge one from for example Aquapac!
You can order in Germany via

There are not that many alternatives to the aquapac suggested here (by size of the gt31) offers a good bag also...

regards, thorsten