Main mode is significally changed, and enables easy management of centering and auto-focus (moreover when several tracks are displayed, but yet interesting with only one track).
Previously, main mode was "zoom on mouse", and enabled quick zooming (x7) wherever you want just pushing the button (and moving the mouse). This mode is still available, but is no longer by default. It is less interesting than before since mouse-wheel is now taken into account to zoom-in zoom-out.
New default mode is now "Center on mouse", which is really enhanced as follows :
- Click anywhere on the screen will result in stopping any auto-focus on track(s), and will center screen where clicked.
- Putting the mouse over a mobile will result in auto-focusing on this mobile (and forgetting any previous focusing)
Hence, it is now more fast and intuitive to follow desired mobiles and/or stop auto-focusing and center on a given point. Moreover, using too the mousewheel, most of what you want do (focusing, centering, zooming) can be done in a single (default) mode, just with the mouse.

Besides, the boat view comes now with a sail whose orientation depends on the wind (being port or starboard)