I have been advised to download the latest Firmware upgrade for my GT31, I currently have version 1.2. I have been on to the web page and followed the instructions however when I select execute  I get a box displayed with the message - ABORT: bad firmware file! [E90].
I have a newish computer which operates on Windows 7, this seems to have downloaded the necessary software for the GPS to talk to the computer and
I have successfully downloaded the zipped file.  The USB serial driver uses COM 3 and this was the only option.

Can anyone advise how I can continue to install the latest firmware?


as I always say dont fix it if it aint broken.... as ling as firmware is version allowed for times dont worry about it....

PS has anyone ever told you that you look like Jim out of Neighbours  lol
Jim, oops I mean Richard ;-)
Try the below link for some pointers.

Thanks guys for the advice.
Darren - it wasn't broke but trying again and again it did work - why and how I don't know. No no one has told me that I look like Jim from Neighbours, I've never seen Jim and don't really know what Neighbours is unless it is that bit of Australian culture that we have imported.

Brian your link was useful, thanks.

Richard not Jim
Richard....Cant be of any help and as you know my latest update went OK (Ver1.3 B1132T) BUT today my unit froze!

I found Brian's Seabreeze link extremely useful and a wealth of information (or should that read problems), can be found there.  I posted the following observation about the latest firmware update:

I am new to this website and found this topic thread from a link on GPS-speedsurfing website.
I bought my GT-31 about 7 months ago and have had faultless performance until today, when the unit froze toward the end of the session. There is no data on the card (Kingston 1GB) and from what I've read there will be no data on the data logger if and when I get the unit working again. The latest firmware update (V1.3 B1132T) was completed on the 18th February and since then I've used the unit, without any problems, three other times.
The reason I updated was to avoid the freezing issue and also access the larger font. The larger font defintion works very well.
My start up procedure was the same as usual....and the key lock was activated before going onto the water.
The unit is always in waterproof bag during use
Sorry to hear about your problem with the GT-31 - disaster few postings this year and you cannot post Monday's session.  You said that Pete Young had the same problem, I wonder how common it is. It will be a disaster for Weymouth Speed Week if some of the units fail during a good day.
I agree with you....reliability may be an issue if the GT-31 is adopted for use during Weymouth Speedweek.  I know only of Pete Young and myself locally that have had the dreaded lock up although reading the forums on the Seabreeze website it does happen quite a bit!  The firmware upgrade to V1.3 B1132T is claimed to have solved the problem..but I have that upgrade installed???
My unit took close to 48hrs to fully discharge, but after a full recharge I was able to save the 'lost' data to the SD card and run it through GPS-Results and make a posting. Previous to the recharge and 'save to card' action there wasn't any data on the SD card.

Rik from Riks advocates, from time to time, fully discharging the unit (with the SD card installed) and then recharging it using the supplied wall charger...this is likened to a re-boot on a computer!

Another tip I've had is that you can 'reset' the unit by removing the back, disconnecting the battery and then reconnecting.....a good one if time is short I guess.

See you Easter time...