Navilink does not work in windows7
For me the same (using windows7)
If i try to download trackpoints from gps, and save it in the right map, then it gives the following error:

Error134 during execution of''''D:\Roewin\gps
software\GPSResultsV7\GPSResultsV6\nvk.exe'' -C1 -X':


You have to download a new driver, use this link:

The new driver is called:
GT-31 USB Driver Only for Microsoft Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/Win7_32

After installing it you should restart your pc, it worked for me.

your other option is to try it in native XP mode

I think it worked even though i have the amaryllo trip tracker.
I dont know what really did the trick.
First i tried what Marten said. and i downloaded from:

Trip Tracker Windows 7 USB Driver 
This is the Windows 7 driver for the Trip Tracker.