I,m off to Dahab on 24 th jan and hope to have a session or two to post . I am in team team East and my times may be usefull to Jan team times. 
  if i can find a computer how do i do it?? I have a fortrex 201 
Hi Peter,

I was going to suggest that you wait until you get back home but then I realised that the Foretrex has a limited memory. Using the serial cable and GPS software could prove problemetic on a shared computer and I wouldn't fancy trying that myself. If the computer doesn't have a serial port then you could end up having to install USB drivers, etc.

Seeing as we're in the same team, I can lend you my GT-11 whilst you are away. I will still have my GT-31 for personal use. The Navi records to SD card and won;t run out of space whilst you are away.

Hi Mike I dunno if you got my email ? Thanks for offer of loan 'proper' gt-11 
 but not sure if i cud work it !. etc - when i got interested in speed i looked at 
  dave white site and it only had a fortrex on there -- so its Daves fault  I
 got the wrong tool .   but i have an old geko aswell and will take both to
Dahab and hope to fill em up with P/B speeds?  will post em after i get home
  on the 7th feb   ( whot is your 1hour record i have to beat ?)
No worries. I can still lend you my GT-11 and you can give it a go while you are out there. It will be set up correctly so you pretty much only need to switch it on and go sailing. That way, you can get a feel for whether you want to get a GT-31 yourself.

The Dahab records can be seen using this link (n.b. you will probably need to log in to see them):

I'll be in touch by e-mail.