I have spent many months developing a website dedicated to Fins. Initially Windsurfing but we have seen the demand for Kite fins and thus are now developing contacts to supply them. The biggest problem is finding a retailer with a large choice where they can give helpfull advice. addresses these issues. I have over 8 different brands and have been working with Fin shapers from all over the world to bring together a good collection of Fins to suit both the weekend guy up to the Pro . We have custom facilities with some of our shapers to build bespoke Fins to your own specification. Fin prices start at around £70 up to £400.  The Fin is a very important part of our set up ,it controlls the way the board reacts to the water and the given conditions. Finding the right fin is the key to success and matching the fin to the board/sail combination is vey important. I have seen windsurfers change their boards rather than get a decent set of fins and try again. We cater for all disciplines from Speed to Waves . Call us for a chat on either Skype or ring us. We can also be reached at .

Happy Sailing