my times for october have not been included in the evaluated ranking
i dont know why
Hi David,

From the Basic Rules section:

14. Posting a session within 7 days 
When posting a session this must be within 7 days when the session has been sailed. When you are not able to do that you can post the session but it is set to invalid. Please contact  your 
RTKvia e-mail with an explanation (f.i. holiday) so it can be validated. When there is no good argument, the session may be deleted from the database.

Hope that clears it up! 

It's not really good practice to fill up the Latest Sessions with lots of historic data as it is used by many sailors as a way of looking at the day's speeds around the world at a glance. 

Plenty more wind for the near future so hopefully some "current" sessions for you to post coming up!
hi paul,

all sessions were posted on the day,not to fussed about my ranking asslong as its better than nic dod
is there any way of getting the footage of my crash
also do you think there should be a forum for workshy sailors for really cheap kit as we dont earn alot   lol

cheers mad dave
Hans Kreisel and i have the same problem.
Our october ranking suddenly disappeared and we dropped down in the evaluated month ranking.
Dylan, please......can you check this?