seems theres a version 1.3 firmware now? usable or not?
you have the option for a new font with better readability of the digits.
I think its better now, especially in bad light. You can differ much better between the 8 and the 9 for example.
@ Darren:
the readme.txt tells:

==V1.3B1012a ======================= 
- Added new "huge" font. Set [MISC]/[NEW FONT] on to enable the new font-(Dr.T.C.)
- Patched "DATA LOGGER" issue, improved flash memory access reliability
  NOTE: The maximum size for "DATA LOGGER" function is changed to 16384.
        And the max log time is around 4.5 hours.
  (still under evaluation....)

personal i dislike the shorter max log time, but it was chosen for technical reasons, maybe some tech-group member could step in?
since it shows up on, i assume it as gpsss-legal? (RTK please!)

@Tilmann: nice video, fast runs... i suggested the possibility to have backlight permanent on to locosystech regarding to your video. i think this would make things easier a bit without the need of the additional torchlight...
There is already the option to switch on the backlight permanently as you can see in the beginning of the following video:
But the backlight is  not strong enough for bright sunshine and works only in the late evening when it`s almost dark.

Two questions,
1- where can i find this V1.3B1012a firmware ? I'v looked at the website, and couldn't find it.
2- Is the V1.3B1012a firmware approved for posting at GPS Speedsurfing ?


Jan Hendrik
its here
ok, thnx, due a caching problem at the proxy server still the old page was displayed and the link tot the V1.3 version wasn't there....