Hi Gpsss-Crew,
Patrick Miller and me came across a eventual Problem; if you like read (in german)

short summary:
we registered recently, that the gt-units (11 and 31) save the tracks on sd-card with timezone-corrected (if set on the unit) system-time and datestamp in filename, but trackpoint data in the file (also downloaded via usb directly from units memory /or copied to sd-card) will remain in UTC.
So the automatic transmitted "time of run" calculated by gpsresults will be
(in our timezone CEST)  two hours to early...
Since i don´t have my old geko at hand, i am not sure if those units save the trackpoint time in UTC or "local time"(based on timezone-setting of unit)
If older (Garmin)Units save trackdata also in UTC, i think everything is fine, since the Times will be saved consistent with the new ones in the gpsss-database.
If not so, the Users of the new Devices should be strongly advised to correct the times with e.g. GPS-Results Timezone-Function before automatic upload.

Since the Rules call for setting the right timezone on the device, i ask about this.
on the new ones (which i have at hand) the only visible advantage of setting the timezone seems to be that you see the right local time.

best regards, thorsten