I just found out that the alert function in GT-31 can be used to tell when you
get close to a speed camera. I know this is a bit out of topic but someone who is in a hurry down to the beach might find this useful :)

What I've done is very simple:
Just transfer a waypoint file containing the camera positions to the gt-31 with
the navlink program.

The file for Sweeden can be found here:

Activate the alert function in the menu on the gt-31. You can set the warning
distance as you like, I use 300m.

Drive safe...
Cool. Is there only a file for Sweden available or can you get files for other country's. If you have one for Ireland that would be great

Hi Alastair,

I made a quick google for camera files in Ireland and found this:

Download the one for the OziExplorer that has the same waypoint format as the GT-31 and report if it works. It looks like the web page is quite up to date.

Cheers i'll see if i can transfer it to my GPS
Found a site where i can download speed camera positions to my Garmin Car Sat Nav so gonna use that instead. Thanks for the info