Who has experience with the new Garmin Forerunner 310XT ?? According specs it must be waterproof till 50 meters !!! Sounds cool to me...


Jan Hendrik de Bruin

Hi Jan,

Is this a valid GPS device for speed sailing. I can't work out whether it can be used to track speed on the day or whether the data needs to be downloaded before use???


You cannot configure the Forerunner 310XT to log at 2sec intervals.  It always logs in AUTO mode.  
This pretty much makes the FR310XT useless for posting sessions to GPS-Speedsurfing. 

From the basic rules page:

Not allowed settings:

-          AUTO: Never use the AUTO function or save a track in your GPS. This way you will loose valuable track data.

Any posted session that is based on a track that has been at AUTO setting, has too much variation and/or spikes can be discarded by a RTK. If you are not sure about a track then first contact your RTK before posting a session.