In this new version, 3 important points to mention :

1) Colors associated to speeds SCALE is now displayed (optionnaly, go to "parameters" in the main view to set it) directly in the 2D view.

2) Speed graphs (and other graphs) now remember the latest choice you've done concerning :
- focused graph (centered on current time) versus whole graph
- fisheye (when in non-focused mode) enabled or not. By default, now, it's disabled. You just have to click on the contextual button to activate it (and have it remembered by now)
- Besides, the average computation (when drag&droping on the graph) is now always visible, never hidden by buttons or due to focusing.

3) Regatta step by step table : the last column, concerning "overall" results, is now changed so that it reflects the performance on the whole course INDENPENDTLY OF THE LEADER START TIME. Let's explain that :
- in last version of GpsarPro (till 4.5), the start time (the time of the first person crossing the start line) was taken into account to count the overall performance of each boat
- now, each boat has its own start time in this table. Important consequence is that this last column DO NO LONGER SHOWS THE ACTUAL RANKING. To have the actual ranking, go to the classic result table, and see the results when the regatta is finished (lag at last mark shows the actual ranking...). Indeed, in this overall column, what we see is how much time it took to everyone to go from start line to finish line. Hence, if boat A starts with 3 minutes lag on the start line, and finishes 2 minutes after the leader, then in the overall he will be ranked ABOVE the leader, since he took one minute less than the leader to make his course, even if he crosses the finish line after the leader (and so, he didn't win the race).
- Do not forget this table is to see individual performance on each step and on overall steps, not to rank the race.