any idea why my alpha speeds aren't loading...they don't show in my PBs nor in the rankings.
Just did a manual reload of my best session (Feb 01 2009) and deleted previous entry but still no alpha.
Same question here. (Using GT-31)
Might the reason be that my minimum speed isn't set at zero, i wondered.
I only logged above 25 km/h today, and the gibes din't make that requirement.

Same problem, my alpha ranking time doesnt show. Also I just posted a session with a 28.5 knot alpha time, this is obviously wrong but I can't delete or edit it even with a re post. Advice on editing dodgy times from sessions most welcome.


On behalf of Ian:

I've noticed that the 28.5 knot alpha result does not appear within the rankings but it seems that he is completely missing an alpha ranking for July, even though he did several other sessions (20.22 being the best). Whatever excludes the 28.5 knot result doesn't seem to allow the next best result into the rankings.

This also appears to affect the evaluated ranking. Whilst it is nice to be topping the evaluated alpha rankings in the UK at the moment (only due to a submission every month), Ian should definitely be above me.

It also seems that he is missing a PR for alpha racing. Whilst the 28.5 result is excluded from the rankings and PR, perhaps the best (valid) result should be used in its place?

Hi all, Ian Alpha Racing speed is in the database but not visible because the RTK needs to allow his speed. I'll contact Roger about this.
As I read it, Ian was saying that the 28.5 is invalid but he couldn't delete it himself.

Whilst results are waiting to be validated (or rejected), could rankings and such like use the best "accepted" speed?
hello all,
i had the same problem with my alpha racing.
i fixed this by lowering my minimum speed setting or turning the filter off