Is it possible to include all runs in the "My Equipment" search and not only the PB´s, or is this already possible? Should increase statistics and possibility to selsect the right weapons for all conditions and not only the force +10 flat perfect...

BR Per
Hi Per,
             If you change the search scope from 'ranking' to 'sessions' in the first line Of 'my equipment search' this should give you what you want. You will then see the best sessions ever at a given spot rather than just pb's.
 hope that makes sense,
Is it also possible to search on "distance" in sessions per spot?
Hi mark I am not sure on that, the spot search gives the best distance in 24 hours at a spot but I cannot find sessions based on distance. I dont think its available yet but someone else might know..
There are some calculation interpretation issues with the distance based ranking (e.g. distance over 12 hour) within the techgroup. Maby Martin can explain a bit why. But we defenitely will include this when there is consensus.

So we need a bit more patience.

krggg...krgggg "Martin come in please, do you copy me" krggg...krgggg