Hi. Can anyone help please?
I cannot upload my GPS results from West Kirby on 8th March. I've followed the instructions for downloading Java, Gps Action Replay etc. but cannot upload my results. It keeps coming up "\Users\Home\Desktop\conf\servers.xm.The system cannot find the path specified "
I've also installed the necessary downloads for GPS Results, but when I try to send them it comes up"The page cannot be found".
Has anyone successfully completed the necessary downloads in the last week and uploaded their results?
Could there be a fault on the downloads?
Am I doing something wrong?
Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Hi Rob, Dylan has fixed the (temporarily unavailable) GPSResults upload page on the server, so you can try again - sorry for the inconvenience...
Hi Manfred. Thanks a million. My sanity has been preserved. I hope to improve on 82 when West Kirby reopens in June/July.