I've some trouble with the Navilink II program, when I convert the SD card data (SBN) to GPX. Normally the error occured after the GPX was produced, but not all other files. So for it was no problem. But now the GPX file isn't produced yet when de Error occurs...
I already reïnstalled Navilink II (download from locosys site)
Does anyone know how to fix it? thanks!

Why would you convert binary (doppler!) sbn data to non-doppler gpx-data?

You loose a lot of accuracy and the only thing I can imagine is not wanting to buy the software. I can assure you that the purchase of gps-results is the best money you could spent for gps-surfing!
didn't know that!!
Yes I use the free software gpsar..
so far it worked perfect, but now I understand I still posted non-doppler actually, haha.