Does anyone know if it is possible to replace the LCD screen in a GT 31?

Mine is broken (internally, not the outer case) but as far as I can tell the rest of the machine is working o.k.

I have already bought a new one but a back up would be useful.

i am afraid it''s not really a user repairable option. As with most modern electronic units is sadly BIN TIME when it's broken. If I ever get any broken units I'll keep them so we can experiment further

Since the rest is working fine, could you keep it as a real time GPS receiver for your laptop/PC or use the internal battery as a future replacement for your new GT31? But, if I was you I would try to see if an identical LCD display is available on an electronics store (RS, Farnell, Maplin, etc.) and try my luck!You got nothing to loose really...
Hello Lance,

If the screen is cracked, you will eventually start getting water in there, and then unit would have more a more expensive problem.

Another option is returning the unit for service. I have had excellent service from them. 

Send an email to:      

Describe your problem, and ask for an estimate for cost. 

I have been getting units back in about 2 weeks or so. 


Craig Bergh

Thanks for the advice everyone. I have emailed Taiwan, as you suggested Craig and will wait and see.

Otherwise, it is out with the soldering iron and welding torch and fingers crossed!

Thanks again.

Hello Lance,

I have received an answer from LOCOSYS.

There is a $20 Inspection fee.

You are responsible for shipping to and from Taiwan ( I use US Priority Mail to Taiwan for $6).

The screen itself is just over $4.

Alll prices are US dollars.

I hope this helps.

Craig Bergh
Hi Craig.

I emailed locosys as you suggested and they have estimated $45 including postage (subject to inspection) which is miles better than buying new.   

Thanks for the advice, I would never have considered that solution!

I wish we could get hold of some wind so easily.



Craig... who are you dealing with at LOCOSYS. ...  I am finding them painfully slow at responding  with regard to   getting a gt11 looked at...     I have emailed both through the weblink above and also  through an email address from Tom ...
Customer service  to us 'down under' seems to be at the bottom of the pile!!
Any help appreciated  
Hello Chris,

Send an email to Stacy Lee. Her email is:

She has been very good to work with. 

Describe the problem, and request a Return Authorization.

Best Regards,

Craig Bergh

My GT31 didn't survive a collision with a ski-lift a couple of weeks ago. Screen was cracked but GPS was still working. Got in touch with Locosys (Thanks Stacy!) and they sent me a new screen (4 euro for the screen, 17 for postage Taiwan to The Netherlands). De-assembly and assembly of the GT31 was easy, soldering the 20 or so tiny wires of the LCD screen a bit of a pain but I managed. In total 30 minutes of work and the GT31 is working fine again.