Hi folks. Just upgraded to a GT31 from my old Gecko 201. Which Aquapac are folks using? I saw there are two armband models. Any advice is appreciated.

Hi Greg

The Aquapac Pro Sports 208 is the best bet for the GT31, a snug fit width wise, the excess length folded back up underneath itself against your arm.  The 208 will house two GT31 if required :))

Good wind and speed

for example:

Hello Greg,

I wanted to mention the Aquapac 208 Case has been updated to the 212 Case. It is PVC free, is a softer plastic, and has a better seal.

The price is the same.

Craig Bergh
Worthington, Minnesota

Hi Greg. We also sell them here ; I actually prefer the 212 as you've got room for 2 x GT31 or GT31 and a phone / keys. Hope we can help.


Apologies Greg, I stand corrected, Tris and Craig are correct. The GT31 I bought last November came with the 212, superceding the 208, and indeed is much softer. I passed that on Stevie Thorp.
The GT11 came with the 208.

Thanks for the advice and quick response Howard, Craig and Tristan. I've put the 212 on order and am waiting for the wind to come back to Northern California (any day now :-)).

Best Regards