I have used my GT-11 for 6 different sessions over the summer break and now want to download the data.  The data seems to stop being saved part way through the 3rd session.  It seems that the NMEA file size has got to 1025KB and stopped recording.  Does anyone know how to set the memory card file size on the Gt-11 to accept data up to the 1gb sd card capacity? Also with the Gt-11 can it be turned on at the start of the session then turned off afterwards and uploaded or is there a requirement to save data manually?
I think you don't have good settings.

I used these settings (with succes) last year:

I have made a little update for the settings, but haven't tested it complete:

Thanks for the reply Erik.

I have updated the firmware and changed the settings to the ones in the link.

I have also re formatted the SD card and tried to clear the data but the historic data seems to still download when I connect it.

With the new firmware it seems that each session needs to be saved to the memory card, is this correct?  I have tried saving data to the card before downloading.

For some reason the sessions are still not being downloaded, the data still finishes mid way through the run in December.

The GT-11 seems to be recording data, the memory usage can be seen increasing on the unit under the memory settings.

Has anyone had similar problems?


I have tried using the sd card reader instead of the usb cable and can now download the txt and sbp files off the card.  Gpsar seems to be having trouble opening the sbp file (giving an error message).   The txt files open easily under the open nmea file option, should the sbp files be accessaible through gpsar?