I would like to know if there are any new devices on the market besides the GT-11 & GT-31 using doppler GPS. Based on my experience i find the user-interface & quality of the GT-11 & GT-31 way below for example the foretrex. Is any of the "big"companies planning to introduce such a device (doppler and high quality/good user-interface).

Having extensively used both Foretrex and GT-11/31's and a number of other GPS's, I can assure you that the user interface of the GT-31 is much better than the Garmins and anything else currently available. Like all things, it is different and just like the Foretrex, it takes a little time to learn it.
The GT-11/31 Speed Genie is a massive improvement in the user interface that has nothing like it in ay other GPS. Now there is even a audio interface that allows you to know your speed at the end of each run without looking. It even beeps to you when your average speed is still improving so you know not to get off it too early.
By any measure the user interface of the GT-31 is light years ahead of the Foretrex and any other GPS out there.

And then we come to accuracy. The GT-31 has been specifically developed for speed accuracy. It is light years ahead of every other GPS in this area as well.

It is possible that there is another GPS manufacturer that is inspired by the capabilities of the GT-31 to try to build something to match it but I have not heard of it.
see this for audio feedback example:
@Andrew, thank you for your quick response. When reading my first posting i realised that is was not specific enough. I agree on your statement about the features & technical quality of the GT-31 in comparison to others.

But looking at the basis features, quality of the display, no color-display, etc but most of all the way to use the GT-31 in an Aquapack is my main concern. On the water i find hard to read out the display, but that's primarly caused by the Aquapack. Besides that first time users may find it hard to use the GT-31 for only the basic functions...

So here again, my question...

Is there any new GPS Doppler device coming to the market with all the technical features of the GT-31, but also some additional features like a color display, but most of all in a 100% water & shock-proof housing, that good that you don't have to use any Aquapack at all.....???
What I like most with the newest software is: If you have switched on Speed Genie you dont have to you use that damn joystick anymore (which is impossible in the aquapac) .

Just push the button and have fun !
Perfect for beginners as well: Switch on ... switch off - thats all ! 

You realize that this software has been developed by surfers for surfers.

Would be interesting to have the following improvement: A real loudspeaker in so that you can download your own favourite sounds. Would be much fun to hear for example a ferrari accelerate corresponding to your increasing speed. So if you go faster on the water you hear that engine louder and with a higher note (more revolutions per minute)

What a feeling to hear this directly on the water !!!
Jan. I guess the answer is no, And there is not likely to be for quite some time.

Jan, forgive me for asking but what troubles you with using the GT31 in an aquapac.

I'm long sighted therefore need glasses for reading / close up work. My first Gps was the foretrex 201 which I found quite difficult to see.

I now use a GT11&GT31 in the same aquapac, and find the display excellent for my poor eyesight. Without re-iterating Andrew and Tilmann, it could not be better or easier to use.

I had one problem with the aquapac and GT11/31 combo, it's a tight squeeze for both units in  the same pack. The GT31 wanted a response to a question during sailing, probably caused by the taughtness of the aquapac over the buttons, "did I want to reset or save" or something along those lines, I removed the Gt31 to respond. Handling the GT31 with wet hands got moisture on the unit, so once back inside the aquapac, the aquapac duely steamed up due to condensation, then nothing was visible.

I guess this only apples to sailing in cold climates hey Andrew?  ;)
Sorry guys, do you all have shares in Locosystech ??

Maybe the software and the interface of the GT-11/GT-31 is good enough, but i find it hard to understand that there's is not one company putting effort in building a 100% water & shock-proof device.  Besides windsurfers there must be a lot of market potential outthere !

Using the Aquapack is a bypass, and yes, in our dutch-climate we do have problems with "condensation"  :)

Jan Hendrik, you can contact Amaryllo for a waterproof device. They're developing a new case. This case will be better than the IPX7 standard (the GT-11/31 are IPX7) which is not good enough for speedsurfing.
Amaryllo is also knowy by the Trip Tracker, which is similiar to the Navi GT-11.

Ask for Mark Peerdeman.

Thanks, i will check it with Mark also, we already have contact because Amaryllo is the distributor for the GT-11

I'll keep you all informed...

One of the Sandy Point guys (Craig Hollins) makes these:

Super strong. And we also get condensation...  Put some water-saver crystals (available from the hardware store) into the case/pouch -> they absorb the condensation.

Had contact with Mark (from Amaryllo, designer of the GT-11 / Triptracker), development of a new device will take some additional time, so i gues we have do it with the GT-31, the case from Mathew is maybe a good solution.

Jan, the market for Windsufing GPS seems to be actually rather small compared with other GPS uses. It seems that development of alternatives is just limited by the small probable return. If Amaryllo are developing a new fully waterproof case for the GT-31 this is really good news.
It seems that there is actually a very limited market for fully waterproof GPS's. SpeedSailing is a very small market compared with other uses. When we approached Garmin about enhancing the Foretrex they said they just weren't interested as the market did not justify the investment. We were lucky that Locosys saw an opportunity there and have been able to follow our needs through direct input from Tom Chalko (For them it is free development as Tom does it only for the satisfaction we get from it). It is timely to remember that if it wasn't for this we would still be in the dark ages as far as GPS speed measurement is concerned. We owe a great deal of respect to Tom and Locosys for getting us this far. Even Locosys have doubts about the viability of a fully waterproof housing and the costs to develop it. It is really good news if Amaryllo is developing such a waterproof case for the GT-31.
Sorry for the double post above. I thought I had deleted the post and started again. :-(
One note to the display. The GT-11/31 is a tracker and not a Navisystem. It would be nice in color but it isn't really necessary. That means you have a really big advantage with the monochrom display: Battery ist running more than 40 hours. I don't know any other GPS device running longer than 10 hours, without having shares of locosystech :-)