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1Simon Thompson37.51
2Adam Gustafsson37.43
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Course was to tight for top speeds. You had to bear off into the chop so top speed could only be held for a few seconds. Wind strength was too much for the 5.2 in the gusts but was just right most of the time. Good to sail with Adam G who was getting some good peaks slingshoting into the chop. Only a slight change in the angle and it would have been epic.

A big thanks to Simon for being the only one keen to sail  today. I nearly didn't go out today when 70 knot gusts were being recorded at South Devon early this morning.  In the end it was very nice  to sail on the small speedboard  with 5m. The wind was strong and perfect for high speeds but the angle was totally  square meaning the only chance of getting decent speeds was to  bear into the chop. After half an hour or so I got used to things and had a few nice slingshots over towards the other side. Really not a day for averages today but this wind strength with 30-40 degrees more angle would nigh on be perfect. It's probably not a place to use a weight jacket and I'm glad I  didn't since the mud really drains your energy and I had a real scare getting out finding myself in waist deep mud on exit. Glad  to  be home safe and sound!