Results of the day
1Michael George33.89
2Scotty Stallman33.19
3Rob King32.95
4Chris Pankhurst 26.63

Tricky conditions (very westerly) but I started to get better as the session progressed.

I think 5.4m would have been better for most of the session and I need to buy a bigger fin as well... sailing back upwind was hard work!

 had a bit of a runaround trying to find a landing strip flat enough  and long enough 

 otc end was well choppy  which is odd ,, was a bit in the middle,,, but was to short  before the railway sleepers 

 nuking conditions   thought id bring a bit of help to hold me down            ( step flashings tortila style )

 good bit of fun  

bit breezy!

not bad for a 7 year old Tushy storm.