Results of the day
1Bjorn Dunkerbeck40.44
2Dylan de Jong38.8
3Ralf Ewers38.2
4Edwin Huijbers37.15
5Kai Kaufmann36.84
6Jim Crossley36.75
7Tim Otte36.24
8Tim Otte36.24
9Arend de Jong35.84
10Vicente Curbelo34.59
11Günter Jansen34.09
12Liam Dunkerbeck22.62

Short session at Matas Blances today, forecast looks good for next week ! One day left for the Virttual Dunkberbeck GPS Challenge !

Guauuuuh, more than 40 kts today in Matas!!!, Congratulations Dunki. What a pitty not to have had so pretty Wind during the real Championship. But you needed almost 3 hours to do more than 30 pases along the beach to get it, (already without the buoys and also without so many "free style floating racers" in the middle of the run trackpad traying to go as fast as their possibilities in a very critical windy conditions). So, be carefull. I've got 32 kts (average) in Corralejo Bay today in les than 1 hour (some sharks around included), and I'm thinking on some very revolutionary settings for tomorrow (last day for the Virtual competición). I bet for you anyway, but ....
one day after the Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge the wind kicked in, we were waiting for one week.... very nice sailing with all new gear, felt extremely comfortable and safe. Matas Blancas, what a nice spot this can be !!!

Leider kommt der Wind für mich zu spät. Grüße nach Ool und Fuerte.

Vicente, du bist noch super gefahren!

A quick session before going to the airport...proved that this small kit really didn't suit this beach and it was faster to use larger stuff.  Maybe when the tide was lower and water was flatter when the other guys nailed their best speeds it would have been ok.  Learning all the time.

Nice session, finally proper wind!

first time with some serious wind on matas blancas and first time with 28 makani proto 28. New pr for me!

Nice day, sailing with Dad and the dutch kids, good speeds !

6,2 underpowered