Results of the day
1Oisin van Gelderen43.4
2Ian Richards42.34
3Michael George40.95
4Pete Davis40.43
5Darren Mathers34.55

Fun session at WK.

The wind fluctuated between broad and too broad but still sailable for most of the day.

Hope your foot feels better soon Steve!

Tricky day.  Was not too broad, but was choppy enough to be slower than we hoped.

When wind finally came through later, then went too broad.

Still well worth the trip over (always is), and great to sail with a few friendly faces, and y only speed session in March (just got it in).

Hope Steve's foot heals quick... got sliced open by mussel shell.  Something to watch out for :(


Great to be back at West Kirby but it was bit disappointing, Very very windy not too cold and quite sunny but the direction was a too broad so the rolling chop was horrendous after about 100 yards. But that's speed sailing.

Arrived at the Kirb very late, everyone had quit as it was too broad and choppy. Still it was good for Slingshots and about 5 secs on the course.