Results of the day
1Pete Young35.25
2Stephen Corps33.24
3Lee Spencer32
4Jim Brake30.2
5Marcus Stevens29.29
6Anthony Barber28.76
7Norman Petty28.67
8Paul Arnold28.55
9Anthony Barber28.36
10George Morris27.09
11Chris Pankhurst 25.36
12Joel Petty24.36

Been awhile..out with Joel.  Wind square and probably a bit more than forecast.

Think I may be visiting A&E in a short while, 32 to 0 in 1 sec thanks to someone who turned straight into my path. Ankle/shin is a bit blue

alpa speed as normal  but speed comeing out of alpha has increased to 12 .7 

challenging  chop today  need to be built  a little bit like a linner  to go through it

great afternoon , Shagged

Sorry to here  your accident  Lea  Paul did say it looked close from where he was !

Gusty, choppy -Low tide! No excuses, I ache now!

pretty bumpy jibeing on my 90 today buy enjoyable got some good runs but not enough

great session - Only my 3rd outing on the harbour this year! Great to see so many of the usuals and looking forward to the sept gales