Results of the day
1Matthew Spooner27.54
2John Kennedy26.34
3Paul Arnold25.49
4Shemi Adams25.11
5Gavin Shaw23.95
6Scotty Stallman23.79
7Chris Pankhurst 22.56

Great day at Portland wind wasn't not as been expected but is 

nice to see so many windsurfers

wind changed in speed and  direction 3 times , not sure where the blinking heck i was spose to be going , got down in the corner , gibed  and ha ho  we  were going to France  , Tickets Please ! job getting back  to car park  NW was early ,

Tried out three boards   The  new cross ( no wind and had to sort out the sail ) exocet 610  and it would not drive up wind wrong fin for sail  and not enough wind  and  then 110 zide ltd (little ye ha ) wind was picking up at last   Though Tempature not the greatest  today

fun for first session for long time , would like to see the wind  contributing a little bit more into everyones fun  ,

lovely sail today finally managed to get out , started on 7.8 for an hour but soon dropped a size .

falcon 105 was flying thought it might be a tad small but was great

First day back out this year, shifty conditions so spent a while tuning my new sail and myself, sunny so nice to be out.