Results of the day
1Rob King30.65
2Matthew Spooner30.16
3Neil Hackett29.58
4David Laird28.99
5Paul Arnold27.88
6Scotty Stallman27.28
7George Morris26.64

Beautiful Day, Sunny and warm. Wind was gusty. Tried out new Manta 59. Beautiful board. Rigged up 6.2 which wasnt fully powered up.

Nice weather for January. I was underpowered when I first went out, the wind picked up and I was just about right for half an hour before the wind went mental and unsailable (for me) so I ended up with a rather long wade back from Ferry bridge to the sailing academy.

too busy buggering about changing sails ,should've just got on with it but nice too try out new tushy , me and chris tried sailing in the high wind that came through laugh

lovely sunny day at Portland (a good bit warmer than WK I hear).managed to push my alpha on a bit,must have been the duck gybes!