Results of the day
1Dave Harnett39.33
2Bruce Nicholson38.82
3Mikhail Pozhidaev35.97

Great sesh with Bruce and Mikhail, most runs were underpowered with gusty holes in middle of course but looking forward to a stronger breeze at this hard to access but great spot. Cheers for the bolts and board Bruce


Great session with Bruce and Dave. Good to see Chris on the water after a year break. 80% time was overpowered at the end of the session had a few good runs.

WooHoo! About a week off 3 years ago I sailed here last and 2 years since I have sailed, And Dave was there this, and last time...uncanny...Well it felt like I had never left...Played it safe and soft and went small so was just comfortably powered up, so no scorchers to be had, but it still took all the balls I had to enter the run..the first 3 I did unhooked...mummmyyy! Great to see the Lone Kiter, Chris Torkler out on his new, ski going a steady 6 or more knots faster than the poles as usual, and making a wipe out at 43 knots look like quite good fun... and doing 30 + foot boosts into the sky...i'm sure its illegal with the airport so close... Rekon I will have to start training again...the sup-ing has held me in good stead, but it leaves a few muscles in want when it come to sailing. Congrats Dave on doing the four oh, and on my old vintage board-FROM THE 90's actually! Good to see Mickhail get to grips with his new fin, took a while, he had us worried! And sorry Loomo did his arm in the other day, and couldn't make it, he would have pushed the speeds up for sure. Missed you Craig!