Results of the day
1Griff Halliwell29.21
2Paul Arnold28.68
3Scotty Stallman25.69
4Chris Pankhurst 23.42

Good day in the Harbour, really windy early on, settled in nicely, pleased with my hour, tried for a second one later on in the day, but the wind dropped...Scotty :-)

seemed to be incorrect  on set up as i can do more speed on warp 5,7  but thought it would be correct 7.3 X type  as wind was  suppose to be dropping  jumped on to 7.9 cambered for last hour  but not going for the straight out camakazy  runs on  this  but could have done another couple of hours at this speed easy ,   Tra la la feet up watching  film on 42 " plasma on me board  satalite on mast etc  But must say cant keep up with scotty , was watching his board airbourne over the waves along side me   trying to get me tow rope on him  and that aint easy with 42" plasma on board

nice day sailing . couldnt get settled wind was dropping slowly so rigged 7.2 vmax and 105 falcon , that felt a little too much so then rigged 6.3 ram and stuck with 105 gybes were better.

happy with that and sun 

 i think i saw scotty having chips while he was still sailing he just would'nt stop , nice one 

The wind had swung around from a southerly with rain to a westerly with sunshine, it looked good from the beach but it dropped quickly. Should have rigged bigger, came in when I could barely get planing.