Results of the day
1Pete Young34.92
2Stephen Corps33.92
3Antony Todd32.06
4Lee Spencer31.63
5Robin Russell29.48
6Paul Arnold29.41
7David Laird27.56
8Chris Pankhurst 27.35
9George Morris26.58
10Chris Pankhurst 21.64
11Alison Laird20.94

Gutted....1750 over 29 knots, first few secs of run were slow after a gybe though.....knew I should have done another one starting closer in. No speed runs really today as wind was dropping....until I derigged then it seems to have picked up

Better wind later on. Busy out on the water.

 well i would have liked to stay half hour more when it was becomeing flatter  but heavey work and heavey wind dont go together   but i had some fun today hopping the board  about  , yeha !

got bollocked by some big guy on a kite  for somthing but i was praticly rideing the beach  bar 2 inches to miss him  and he was pushing me in !

super gusty and super busy . had several runs scupered by traffic, but loving the 105 (thanks griff worth the money). did try 90 falcon but much more comfy on 105

lose your gear day  , to much for me