Results of the day
1Nikaj Droop34.09
2Stefan Brouwers33.34
3Alex van der Meer33.25
4Wouter de Vries31.99
5Marcel Hooijmans28.94
6Paulus Liebig28.32
7Daan Cools28.03

Board is een 107 van 2014. Even lekker gevaren met de bekende verdachten :-))

First test on the IS107 with Hurricane fin 40cm and later with Z 38cm.

The Hurricane was little faster, but Z felt more steady.

Next time test with the Select Vmax 39 and Hurricane 36 to get a good picture of the possibilities.

Was choppy and we had rain... not too cold and lots of smiles so a nice afterwork session!

Not fast but it was a nice session with the others.

Nice session in the end, but what a strange weather today!



Mooie dag moest betijds stoppen.Hardere wind gemist.Mooie tijd neer gezet hoor Wout !!!

Nice session at Kabbelaarsbank

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