Results of the day
1Brad Anderson45.05
2Craig Spottiswood44.82
3Anthony Hamood44.61
4Tim Hemer43.89
5Meta Sindos42.77
6Chris Dimond42.01
7Andrew Daff41.97
8Sam Doeke41.87
9Jamie McCourt40.28
10Chris Dimond39.66
11Chris Dimond8.4

Struggled to get any speed today the 41 doesn't seem to work with weed speed fins they just don't provide enough lift for this board and never got the board trimming right in the end I lifted my boom right up and brought the track back which did help get the board to ride better, had a reboxed ka assy speed fin in the car but dreaded walking/crawling through the mud to get it, in the end I run out of steam and called it quits, great to see so many guys flying today.

45 peak and a better average was the aim of this trip.  Didn't quite make the 45 but super happy with the average.  A big thanks to Hamma for the loan of the 25 Delta Weed.  Did a few runs on a Ka 21 Assy @ 43 but didn't go any faster.  Congratulations on everyones PB'S, it was great to catch up with everyone and meet a few new crew as well.


A small improvement on the 10sec PB.

Great day!

A small improvement on the 10sec PB.

Great Day.

Nice to improve a couple of PBs - been a while.

Great to sail at Lake George again with the guys!

Amazing speeds today for so little wind. Gusts to very little over 30 knots.

Water super flat in speed runs.

Tried for 1 hr for half and hour but was feeling quite uncomfortable and felt the speed was not going to be 30 knots average so aborted. Half hour average speed was just over 29 knots so I was right.

Tried a number of different fins and came back to the old faithful KA assy 20cm for the speed.

Ran the old IS50 with Koncept 5m and Vector 23cm speed weed for the aborted 1 hr attempt. Fin probably just a little bit too big for rhe conditions.

Yeee Haaa

Good times at LG, out on the Mistral 112 / Koncept 6.6 with a couple of 43+ runs first up,  bailed on a 1Hr as the wind increased and swapped onto the Mistral 73 as others enjoyed the best of the wind.      Played catch up on the speed kit and had some nice runs even though having to chase the gusts at times throughout  the run as the wind pulled back.