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1Craig Spottiswood44.46

 Hanging to really try out the new dedicated 2013 Ka Koncept 5.4 speedsail along with the slick looking Mistrals, Saturdays westerly front beckoned.  With hope of a slight SW shift, Sandy Pt did not turn it on by any means this session.  A gusty westerly made for very short n not so sweet runs, with tight rolling chop starting at the first 1/3 of the run.    By this stage you were going straight down wind with nothing to pull back on as you sheeted out and skipped over the back of the rolling chop.    

After having a blast on C.Lockwoods designed Mistral 137L 82cm wide slalom over summer on the WA's Swan River chop, I new this thing was going to hammer with ease and control.   It was quick on the river, so was I was itching to see it fly at Sandy Pt.   Whilst the tide went out and and the run remained ugly I put the 5.4 on the big 137L first up. The Ka23 assym’ fin was to then be used beyond what most would think a good combo with such a big board, and yes they all laughed at Lake George on the SL75 and again at SP as I slotted it into the 82.   It just requires a bit of finesse, which is part of making things go fast.  

With a few runs in the mid to high 30's and the 5.4 pulling with the torque of a diesel I had the tail getting loose as I pointed up to the last dune to send it seaworthy down the run.   Once bearing away the 23 fin did it's work as I accelerated and the 137L Mistral just held perfect trim and control.  Once into the chop it ate it up for breakfast and shot it out the back like a hot curry.   The usual precaution of quickly getting the back foot out of the strap, and onto the leeward rail as I backed off to slow down thus avoiding the bank in more ways than one all went well…………and so did the results…..

Mistral 137L 82wide Slalom, Doppler:- peak 42.5, 2sec 42.48, 10sec 41.07, 5x10 38.82. 

In for a break and test Skype to Troppo on the beach, had the idea of doing a live onboard feed via mob strapped to helmet, but could sense some wind approaching.   Tweaked the outhaul on the Koncept 5.4 for its first all out unleashed run and hooked it onto the new Mistral 47 speed for its maiden voyage.   The tide was well in truly on its way in creating more chop, could see Matt getting a few runs in starting from the east bank as I launched.   It felt almost the same as my old 44 as I stepped on, but that’s where the similarity ends, the 47 cuts a new path in design and delivers an even smoother more controlled ride.   It got going quick and then tracked well pointing upwind to the start of the run. As soon as I began to straighten out and bear off it accelerated way smoother and quicker.   Sand was just blowing of the dunes a little and the run looked flat at the start, sail began to load up and catapult us down the run smoothly.   Board felt familiar and just held perfect trim, Ka21.5 assym’ a perfect match, sped down the short run into the chop and it ate it up, felt like a walk in the park. 

Looked down at the GPS to see a 46, and thought wow that was easy took another look and realised that was the 10 sec, and then 48.11 flashed up as the peak!!!   Some more runs in heavier squalls to round out the 5x10 produced three 45 peaks and a 44, and 45 and 43 10sec's.   Speeds like that don’t come often especially when the conditions are not that good.  I feel the new Koncept has taken a leap forward with efficiency and power gains, good work guys!, and Chris Lockwood has delivered us another innovative range of boards.   Damn SUPERB effort all-round Aussies!!!!

Submitted speeds are for the runs on the Mistral 47  

Always a joy to read your's and CL's write ups. comprehensively detailed and amusing.. thnx  .. SP fires ...  prepare for WK to answer, as they appear to be inextricably joined at the hip.  smiley