Results of the day
1Jacques van der Hout47.13
2Martin van Meurs44.82
3Max Nielsen43.67
4Serge Beumer43.1
5Manfred Merle42.84
6Thomas Doeblin42.76
7Markus Emanuelsson42.39
8Marcus Richardson42.07
9Manfred Fuchs41.72
10Mattias Jildestad39.96

I guess I'm getting too old to: a) stand up in the middle of the night b) without breakfast drive through the rain to the spot to arrive there in the dark c) see many other people parking and rigging there already d) rig my stuff in tons of sheep shit e) struggle to climb the slippery dike f) walk against the wind through ankle deep mud to arrive at the tideway with hanging arms g) fighting with the too square wind to get at least over 40knots h) see others crashing hard i) standing in the cold water getting stiff (even though Torsten lent me his great Ion Fuse - big thanks again!) j) see the other guys flying and my own speeds remaining moderate k) managing only two halfway decent runs l) being unable to open my RB-bottle for some refreshment m) hurrying through the mud when the water came back to grab the other fins that I wanted to test and had no real chance to try n) slipping down the dike and derigging in the sheep shit again o) changing clothes in the rain and hammering wind...

On the positive side it was good to have met 'old' friends again and having sort of survived the first serious session of the year. Obviously Vollerwiek is getting more international with riders from Sweden, Denmark, and The Netherlands. 

Vollerwiek did it again. Bit crowdy with people from all around europe and difficult to get good 10 s runs because surfers standing in the middle of the road, but not setting a personel and national 2 sek.

Jacques was flying and VERY fast :-)


Wow! What a times set by Jacques!!!! Congratyulations, well deserved.

The course was pretty much square and I had difficulties not to get blown away in the gusts that were really strong today. My weight is a disadvanatge on square courses, so no chance for me today to get a great average in, so I decided to go for my other goal: entering the 90km/h club. Mu pewrsonal best until today was 47.25kts/87.5km/h and by slingshotting at the end of the ruin I managed to climb from a low 81 via a high 85, then 87.30, 88.07 to a final 90.27 km/h  or 48.5 kts on the dial which is corrected to 90.22.  So afterall a happy boy!


Great place, nice folks, nice trip a usual with martin.



Hey Jacques, congrates and well done dude!!!! You deserve the title for chasing the record winds.....

Jacques, gefeliciteerd, waar gaat het heen?? Serge gefeliciteerd met je mooie top.

Markus, good job, new PR.

Congrats Jacques amazing speeds keep chipping away and it comes to us all.

Sorry Serge and you as well and all the others that got p,b's...

very rude of me.

Congratulation dear Speedsurf-Aces.

Manfred, your describtion ist the best I ever read to the circumstances of vollerwiek.I smell the stench of sheep-shit up here.


Respect Jacques!!!!!!!!!

Not my day, set up problems and foot probelms. Lost my toenail trying to get into the footstrap. Hurted when trying to get going after that. But i must come back to regain my self confidence :) Had a 47 on the display so i was a little happy, but no sign of it in GPS results...

Amazing 5x10 average by Jacques compared to others very fast guys!! super skills :-)

Congrats Jacques, hope the tracks will confirmed very soon despite the UK soap with all the negative shitload.
Congrats Serge with your 90+

We took a last minute decision to go to Vollerwiek. It turned out to be a good call. I was super happy with the speeds I amanged later on, eventhough Jacques was way ouyt of reach, He was visibly flying and did a magnificant job by possibly setting a new World Record in not perfect conditions.

I still suffer from a small ental block but clearly felt I am slowly but steadily getting there and a few months ago I wouldn't have succeeded in setting a single fast speed over here on the tight course. Therefore I felt totally relaxed watching Jacques. I litterally followed his lead and took it easy by sailing around 1 on 3 runs the others did to keep my head calm and my body safe. I am sure even with a 100% physique I wouldn't have succeeded in beating Jacques, so this is by no means an excuse.. But I am also very sure I will go faster and faster agin this year and I am a racer who doesn't give up early. The concept felt sweet, the Rockstar was rock solid and I simply had a lot of fun. On our way back to holland I told Serge that I clearly feel I am on the move again and that's a reassuring feel. I hope the bad luck is behind me now and I have got some time left to try and beat the others before my body falls apart completely :-)


Wonderful conditions ....but had some trouble today did not make 5 proper runs .........looking forward to next time .....shall be prepared then ... smiley

congratulations Jacques.

very impressive results. ...again. 

have you booked your flight to Sandy Point yet? ;-)



Martin congrats on your PB AVG 5x10 sec.

Record session posted by Timekeeper.


Teusday morning i left my home for a 2 day tour to various dealers in the W, NW and NO of the Netherlands. I loaded my speedgear in the van just in case as i saw a good forecast for Vollerwiek for thursday morning. During the 2 long days i was asking myself a few times why i should go to have an other record attempt after last weeks session. It was time for a break. But wednesday evening i was already in the far NO of Holland Vollerwiek was not sofar away anymore. I hoped for a bad forecast to return home, but the forecast was to good to refuse.

Always nice to discover a new high speed spot and to meet old and new windsurf friends. The course in Vollerwiek looks like a better version than the Luderitz speed canal, a high sand wall upwind and downwind of the course very undeep which is good for the chop to disappear instead of going back on the course. And more important, because this canal is wider, it feels more safe. As this spot is more a canal than an open sea spot, slingshotting is not really possible, so you need a better wind direction to reach real high speeds. After today i'm confident 90km/h average can be broken in Europe without to much effort when we have simular conditions as today with 20 degrees more westerly windangle and less people waiting at the end of the course.

JP marketing asked me last week if i broke the 50 knots as my 2 seconds on GPS3 were 49,83. I told them the 50 knots was my max gps software and this is not shown anymore on this website. But almost within a week i really broke the 2 seconds 50 knots, not once, but twice today.

Really stoked with these results as they were totally unexpected. And maybe i broke the 10 seconds GPSSRC world record. Both gps devices shows simular figures, i posted my attempt on this website, Martin and Matthias downloaded my tracks from my datalogger (thanks), so it looks like everything must be under control.

Everybody with a personal best speeds, congratulations, and in particulair Serge with his 90 km/h topspeed and Wouter with his Formula record.