Results of the day
1Jacques van der Hout37.34
2Hans Kreisel35.21
3Marco Bal32.33
4Roderik Laanbroek31.25
hour 34.93 --> 40.96 km/hr
Distance 135 --> 160 km

Nice day sailing with friends today and all doing a lot of km's. Had a lot of fun cruising really like the new 68wide JP Slalom didn't know i could do a hour this fast on a board that wide with a 7,8 NP EVO 3.
nice to see Roderick improving a lot lately respect dude ur getting faster by the day!!!!
2 seconds, 5x 10 seconds. nm with Speed 55 & 7,0
distance, hour, alpha with Slalom 68 & 7,8
Amazing distances (and speed of course) ! Congrats.
Thx Hans! Had a lot of fun today and learned a lot... let's see what thursday brings
Respect mannen, hard en ver gevaren.