Results of the day
1John Skye30.42
2John Skye29.02
3Kai Kaufmann28.04

2nd session of the day. After the wind dropped for 6.6 on fin, I switched to the 6.3 on the foil, but was a bit overpowered. Still struggling to go fast when overpowered. When its light and I have loads of control, I always think if only it was windier I would go faster. But then when its windier it feels too scary to really sheet in and go! Little by little though and the speeds are gettign better and better each time, the crashes less and feeling more and more confortable each day.

I really wanted to test out the 6.6 on the medium board and start to understand what fins were needed and how the balance is. Unfortunately it was not really windy enough to properly test, but at least to get a good idea. Need to repeat it all in proper conditions.

Super light wind session...

117 liters / 7,0 //Carpenter 36,5


Carpenter fin was amazing even dead underpowered