Results of the day
1Shelby Reilly42.51
2Craig Hollins42.22
3Anthony Hamood41.7
4Craig Spottiswood41.54
5Chris Adamson41.17
6Adrian Bonomi40.58
7Tom Chalko40.17
8Andrew Daff39.63
9Brett Denning36.61

Had a couple of brief gusts around 30 in the first hour,after that the wind was struggling to get to 25 knots,so I felt under done for most of the day.
This is the first full session I have had on the JP sp45 and what stood out was how hard it accelerates!! - This board is definitely starting to give me a warm fuzzy feeling on the inside:-))

Not a lot of work happened in Victoria today and WA and SA suffered slightly. What happened our boarder control? A classic Pit day, Lots of good wind, sunshine and our special brand of corduroy? What more could you want. Tom was first on the water and was well rewarded with some Pb, s with me ½ hr latter. High tide and a bit bumpy but great wind. Tried the Ka/Lockwood 20 again as the last time I used it in 60kts it spat me off and I didn’t have a good experience with it. A very different fin compared to the Time Machine fins, had to load it much more slowly until it was fully powered and when it was…….wow ,no problems at all on the runs and tried some of Slowly advice to good effect. Thanks Mate. About 20 sailors in all today all having a great time, even saw a smile on Hammers face. Daffy rocked up late and the wind had gone more south so” what about a 1hr Daffy” (I hoped he was too stuffed) Ran the one hr on the CA50 (Must buy one) with the Ka5.8 on the TM26 in a strengthening wind. Must remember to do 1 hr at the start on a session not the last hr before dark. Well and truly stuffed now.

Corduroy heaven but missed the best wind.

A big fly - drive - sail - drive - fly mission, but all worth it and a wicked day in excellent conditions. Last time I came here all I got was one great run, but this time the conditions were much more moderate so it was pretty cruisy doing 40+ on pretty much every run on water so smooth it's almost embarassing!

Started on the 5.7 but I couldn't stop bearing away so switched to the 6.3 which felt far more balanced. If there is a way to make this board feel comfy on the samller sail, I haven't learnt it yet.

I missed the best speed wind. Got there too late after work.
Craig talked me into a 1 hr and I tried a few Alphas at the start if it. That was 5m KA Koncept  sail on Starboard IS87 with Lessacher 28cm Le Wo Speed weed fin. Fin was great for this although maybe I should have used the 25cm version. Dropped two gybes aout of 46 when I was overpowered in squalls. :-(