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Results of the day
1Dirk Doppenberg46.31
2Twan Verseput 46.16
3Andy Laufer46.07
4Nils Bach45.9
5Manfred Fuchs41.48
6Jason Juretic41.36

not so much wind today, but channel felt nice today, good warmup for the next two windy days

new PB for 10sec, 5x10, 2sec and 500m 


Couple of runs after the Diaz Session in lights winds :)

Easy going today, lots of filming and getting used to the board.

Luderitz Speed Canal, Namibia.

SSW 20-30kts gusting 36kts.
JP45 speed board, JP40speed board and AV40 speed board with 5.6 Severne overdrive and 21cm assy Z fin

Another excellent day on the canal.  I struggled on my wave mast as the mast I had on loan was needed by its owner!
I have another mast I can borrow for the next 2 very windy days.