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Results of the day
1Thomas Moldenhauer44.04
2Oisin van Gelderen43.74
3Jason Juretic42.2
4Manfred Fuchs41.42
5Nils Bach36.17

superlight, was not so bad at noon but quickly dropped

Luderitz Speed Canal, Namibia.

S 20-25kts gusting 32kts.

JP45 and 5.6 Severne R5 overdrive for first runs, AV40 for one run and JP40 (belonging to Vincent Valkeners) for the last and fastest run.

Another great day.  Cloud quelled the pressure to start so we got on the water around 4pm and sailed until dark.

Only 8 of us sailed the canal and about 5 went to Point Diaz as it is notoriously stronger.

The direction was perfect for flat water so my retinas and knees are still in place.

Happy days.