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Results of the day
1Thomas Moldenhauer44.46
2Heidi Ulrich43.4
3Nils Bach41.84
4Jason Juretic41.54
5Melek Toraman41.04

what can i say, first day on the canal, and i am really disappointed with my performance today, felt good but somehow couldn't get up to speed, need to figure out what went wrong for tomorrow, hopefully a bit more wind and better angle...

super light wind on the canal... 

good to test some 37 boards 

ready for more !!!


My first day at the Canal, 41.43 knots 500 m ??

super happy to be here :)




My first time on the Luderitz canal and it was a LOT OF FUN.  Very happy with a v max speed of 45.42 knots.
I cannot wait until the big winds hit the canal!