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Results of the day
1Twan Verseput 43.18
2Dirk Doppenberg41.47
3Bjorn Dunkerbeck41.28
4Bjorn Dunkerbeck41.28
5Nils Bach40.9
6Manfred Fuchs37.16
7Roger Örnvang36.44
8Melek Toraman22.15

a bit less wind compared to yesterday but i found a good trim and added 4kg of lead which made the runs much faster despite way less topspeed, so i guess more efficient, my fitness is coming back a bit more every day, tomorrow let's try the canal!

Low wind again, sailed with the 5.4 proto to test the adjustments we made.

Miss the stronger wind before we arrive but it was still great to have some action with all friends :-)

light wind day at Diaz Point