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Results of the day
1Scotty Stallman39.11
2Mark Newman36.77
3Jim Crossley36.05
4Simon Pettifer35.53
5Nigel Spriggs34.97
6Garry Connell34.61
7Will Trossell34.6
8Bob Cartridge33.76
9Jim Brake32.44
10Matthew York32.03
11Robin Russell31.89
12Danny Cartridge31.27
13George Fulton31.06
14Maciej Bukolt30.61
15Ross Palmer30.46
16Paul Arnold30.37
17Garry Goodwin30.01
18Simon Chippington 29.76
19Phil Lewin29.21
20Martins Sermaukss29.11
21Steve Thompson28.95
22Iain Neary28.38
23Shane Verrion27.68
24David Laird27.54
25Shane Verrion27.41
26Iain Neary26.88
27Chris Pankhurst 26.5
28Arjan Vos25.42
29Chris Pankhurst 24.7
30Danny Cartridge6.25

Speed week 

Day one of Weymouth speed week. Great turn and lots of faces I haven't seen for a while! Found it tough getting comfy today and didn't feel that quick. Can't complain - great to be here


Weymouth Speed Week .

very rusty on the board but great to be back 

Didn't quite get it right today. It's all about the small window of good conditions and I messed it up. Still great fun and good to spend some time on the water and my arms feel 2 inches longer.  

split in 2 for some reason ? didnt go very well was not set up correct from the start , ,  . to many on the water to attempt a gybe saftely , unless you went way out into the chop and whitehorses ,,, amazing speeds set today and even better to see it on the coarse blasting past me like i was stood still , it was an honour to be blasted by the top riders ! i salute you  

seconed session but all one for some reason 

1st Day of speedweek '22

Fairly good wind but bottom of course a bit away from beach and bumpy.

First day in Weymouth. Strong winds but I wasn't able to make good use of the gusts; I had trouble keeping control.