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Results of the day
1Raymond Wortel36.11
2Serge Beumer35.67
3Remco Kes35.45
4Wouter van Hilst35.24
5Tim Joosten34.48
6Marcel Braas34.44
7Michaël Engel34.36
8Quinten Joosten32.48

Day 3 at this spot. Low wind 6.9, but very nice. 7.8 was a better choice. Good work Raymond! 

gevaren met een zeker 25 jaar oude ART vinç die deed het prima met het moderne spul helaas was ie iets te klein voor de gegeven wind, maar dat was mijn 6.2 ook. wind nam helaas niet toe, maar was evengoed mooi. Wouter bedankt voor de muesli reep ! je hebt mijn leven gered !!

iig. de hongerklop even verdreven !

Finally some wind! The Tribal asy carbon 26 does its job quite well...it was not even properly poweredin the light conditions but I think this is very promising. I know the fin in 21 and 23 and this 26 I only used dor 16m5m in shit conditions once..now more for what it is made for and only thing now is MORE WIND. It willbe good..really good! The 6.1 i2022 S2 Maui Venom is awesome...no doubt.so powerful in these lighy xonditions..smalll board. Now more wind pls!

Big gamble on not so strong wind today...
Took the 7.8, in light wind conditions I could switch to Das Boot, in more wind the 106 would be fine.
And we got a tiny bit more wind :)
The 7.8 was spot on!
Max and avg is very close, don't I could have done more today.

Heerlijk gevaren, blij met mijn nieuwe PR`s op Nautische mijl en uur. De laatste run was ook mijn beste run. Al met al goed gevaren ondanks dat we wat later waren....

Onverwachts toch nog een avondsessie op het kuitje... niet een dikke wind, toch een lekker briesje. @ Quinten, prima resultaten...Top gevaren...

after yesterday @ Kuitje I didn't see a reason to ever go again. So much effort to put in a session with so less excitement during a run. But this morning the first thing I checked was what went wrong with the sail, having so less power. I did use the reptile yesterday instead of the severne red and did put way to much downhaul. Also the fibra 100 is a cm longer than the red. I ended up getting the sail nice with a 400 base and 430 top, instead off a 430  all the way rdm as recommended. Hopefully will sail it soon if it also sails nice and not just looks good. 

today I used the 7.8 on rdm 490 base and 460 top from reptile. Before the sail tension looked good but today not. Whatever downhaul setting I used. I start to think that I also have to rig the sail a couple of times with the mast rotated in different directions and mark the up front side I like the most. Because I see different tension going thru the mast-pocket now and than. Also when I broke my second severne 460 crappy rdm red ( the reason I switched to reptile fibra's) I cut the  mast near the breakage. The wall thickness is not the same on every side. I think maybe all prepeg mast may suffer from this because of some overlap of the prepeg fiber mat. I'm not sure. But it might influence the performance with the direction it is rotated in the pocked. Hope to find out somewhere soon. 

Anyway somehow i felt attracted to make the long ride up and down again. It's probably the different setting, the surrealistic feeling that place gives. And there is only 1 way to gain experience. At the end I also like the thoughts a windsurf session gives after a session. And such a spot makes me think about different things again, how to set up the gear and stuff. 

As I did not want to run out of power again like yesterday I rigged the 7.8 like Raymont. I expected to switch later, but on the water I just kept sailing it. This time the board felt kind of draggy, so next time I will use the sl-pro 35 to gain a bit more lift. I now used the tribal sym speed 33 (which I only used with 7.0 before) but I couldn't get the board fly loose. Even with the mast track more to the rear and the boom hight somewhat more up. 

With  the 7.8 I found it somewhat difficult to keep the pressure in the sail so I really have to practise building up the run much more efficient. I think I'm a bit to greedy bending into a run ending up wondering where the wind is every time. So much to learn there. Others where using 6.2 and doing higher speeds so I have to figure something out here. 

Wat zal ik zeggen. Het Kuitje zal nooit mijn lievelings spot worden.

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