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Results of the day
1Eric Groot-van Ederen39.9
2Alexandros Petikidis37.47
3Minos Efstathiadis35.06

Last day in karpathos and at noon were nobody on the water,(only Eric! ). Gusts must have been 40-45kn and still too broad. (But i guess this is how it is in this place). But all this was Not a problem at all, for the big guy that was using a 6.3 easily :)) respect Eric . You deserve to win Odyssey this year.

(We were waiting too much for the right conditions and too much analyse, and the wind droped ..:)

It was big fun even for 3 days. Next time again. .. 

Strong wind but a bit broad. The whole bay for myself for a long time. Too bad Minos and Alex waited soo (too) long. It was really nice to sail together :). Alex went all out and almost landed on the reef while breaking in the chop... and Minos tried the 51 falcon speed in these very gusty conditions. I hope to sail with you again guys!
Difficult conditions but some tuning, (boom higher and shorter harness lines) helped to get as high upwind as possible and do the runs very early. Had one really fast one with the crowds on the shore watching but could not get more of these. 

Eric was rocking the place very fast and made it look easy but it wasn't.

It seemed a bit too broad with a lot of wind (30 knots av gusting 40) so I waited for the angle to improve.

When I decided to go in... the wind dropped and I had to swim/waterstart out with my 65 lt board.

At least I was able to do some light wind runs with my 90 lt board

Important: when in Karpathos listen to Eric! He knows ;)